Why Durable, Accurate and Fast Temperature Measurement Tools are Important in The Food Industry

Why Durable, Accurate and Fast Temperature Measurement Tools are Important in The Food Industry

The food industry is a notoriously competitive environment and New Zealand is no exception to this. Even with its relatively low barrier of entry, constantly changing consumer preferences and the rise of intermediaries like Uber Eats, it is more important than ever before that our food industry delivers top quality cuisine. This is impossible with the absence of good preparation. For a business to succeed in this industry, fresh and flavourable dishes aren’t a feature, they are a necessity. It only takes one poorly prepared meal to damage a business’s goodwill, generate negative reviews, or cause serious health and safety concerns. Thats why everyone, from high end restaurants to local franchises, have to use the best measurement instrumentation available. 

With Testo, you ensure the following areas of your business are performing at their peak.

Food industry instrumentation for incoming goods

Every item that enters your premises should undergo rigorous checks in order to ensure its quality and safety. Whether that be your weekly delivery of fresh fish, or the daily top up of your fruit and vegetable stocks, food can spend a long time in transit from the wholesaler before it comes through your door. This wide array of conditions it is potentially exposed to means that food service providers are at risk of letting poor quality goods enter their stock. Not only can these goods be compromised for sale, but they have potential to have an impact on all of your inventory once stored alongside.

The Testo 104-IR Infrared & Probe Thermometer is perfect for dealing with incoming goods. Operators are able to use it to analyse incoming goods, perform impromptu quality checks and perform any other surface and core temperature measurements by utilising its hazard analysis and critical control points (HAACP) certified and IP65-rated integrated probe and infrared laser. Its high degree of accuracy, durability and speed means you get non-contact readings whenever you need them.

Food industry instrumentation for goods storage

When measuring food quality, it is best to approach the task as a long term process as opposed to a spot check or review of incoming goods. You need instruments and systems that allow you to check temperature of goods at anytime. Whether the food is in refrigeration or in the workrooms, the quality needs to be able to be checked from any location. This is because if it spoils, you need to be able to know about it immediately. Given this, it is important for operators to find an efficient workflow that doesn’t require them to constantly return to the same space to check temperatures.

The Testo Saveris 2-T1 is essential in achieving this. This is a Wi-Fi data logger with a clear display and integrated NTC probe that provides you with highly accurate temperature readings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a crucial automation tool that smooths out the workflow of any operator in the food industry. It is simple to install and its Wi-Fi integration allows you to check the temperature of a room from any tablet, smart phone, or PC. This can be done at any time thanks to the built-for-purpose Testo Cloud. It also has the capabilities of the user setting specific limits, and receive alerts on any smart device in the instances where the temperature approach or breach that set threshold. From ambient storage to freeze applications, you can rely on the Testo Saveris 2-T1 to provide you with fast and accurate readings.

Food industry instrumentation for preparation

There is no margin for error when it comes to food preparation. This can be particularly challenging due to the numerous amount of variables. Oven settings, oil temperatures and thawing food require pin point accuracy in terms of temperature reporting as the slightest error can be catastrophic.

What ever temperature-related issue a food operator may encounter, Testo has custom built instrumentation to address it. Looking to save time and money when dealing with costly frying-appliances? Well the Testo 270 is the perfect cooking oil tester. Need to perform temperature spot checks with clear results? Well then you need the Testo 108-1 digital food thermometer. Better yet, the Testo 108-1 and Saveris 2-T1 can be used in conjunction for even greater specificity in food storage monitoring. Finally, the Testo 104 folding thermometer is a flexible, robust instrument that is capable of probing goods without leaving a trace, giving you core readings with the added ability to navigate tight or difficult-to-reach spaces.

In such a competitive environment, there is little room for error. It is not enough to just have a generic food thermometer. You need built-for purpose instruments that increase productivity, are efficient and deliver results. Thats the difference Testo’s range can make

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