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French fries, chicken nuggets or donuts: Fried food tastes good and is popular all over the world. For consistent quality of fried food, a regular exchange of the cooking oil is necessary. But beware: If the oil is changed too late, the oil is already contaminated by degradation products, and the flavour suffers. Changing the oil too early, on the other hand, has a noticeable effect on costs, especially in view of the steep rise in the price of vegetable oil.

With the cooking oil tester Testo 270 you can determine the quality of the cooking oil with a simple measurement - and thus the ideal time to change it. In this way you save oil – and costs – ensuring a consistently delicious frying flavour.

Check out the cooking oil savings calculator below!

This is what the Testo 270 cooking oil tester offers you:

  • Illuminated display colour with intuitive alarms based on the traffic light principle.
  • Ergonomic design for safe handling (sufficient distance to the hot oil).
  • 1P65: Washable under running water.
  • Certified according to HACCP International and NSF International.
  • Washable case for hygienically stowing away at the application site.

Delivery Scope:
Testo 270 cooking oil tester including reference oil, plastic case, calibration protocol, training card, instruction manual and batteries

Available accessories sold separately:
Reference oil for calibrating and adjusting the Testo 270 (1 x 100 ml)

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Calculate savings potential
This is how quickly the use of cooking oil measurement technology pays off for you: With just a few clicks, the Testo cooking oil calculator shows you how much your individual savings will be.

The right frying oil test
In contrast to a cooking oil test strip, measurement using a cooking oil tester is more intuitive and reliable, above all providing reproducible, comparable measuring values. A dye is applied to a cooking oil test strip and this changes colour accordingly in contact with the oil. Comparison with a table enables you to know how the quality of the oil is doing. However, because cooking oil strips measure the free fatty acid content and this varies during frying, caution must be exercised here.

How do I test frying oil with the Testo 270?
The frying oil test is extremely easy with the testo 270 cooking oil tester:

  • Remove the fried product and wait until there are no more bubbles visible in the oil.
  • Switch on the cooking oil tester.
  • Immerse the cooking oil tester in the hot oil and measure.
  • Read off the TPM value - job done.

Interpretation of the TPM value is particularly easy thanks to the background illumination of the display:

  • Green (less than 20% TPM): all OK
  • Orange (between 20 and 24%): the oil is still OK. However, you should think about replacing it.
  • Red (more than 24% TPM): the oil must be replaced

View the 'how-to' video below for a walk through of how to use the Testo 270 oil tester.

'Frying oils: selection, smoke points and potential deleterious effects for your health.' 
Read the full Food New Zealand article HERE.

Robust, simple and convenient for the kitchen
With its reliable measuring technology, the testo 270 cooking oil tester is your competent partner when it comes to ensuring quality assurance for your deep fryer, whether you are using the instrument in your restaurant business, commercial kitchen, in catering, food inspection, or in the quality assurance or production of food.

The cooking oil tester is easy to use: you can set the required TPM limit values in advance, and protect them from being modified inadvertently with a PIN. The cooking oil tester’s display will assist you during the measurement itself: it will flash until a stable reading is reached. The display signalling function in traffic light colours (red, yellow and green) enables quick detection of the measurement result range. Naturally, the accurate reading in %TPM can also be read off on the display.

How long does cooking oil remain good?
That always depends on which oil you use and how often you fry. However, to be on the safe side, regular measurement with a cooking oil tester is recommended. The instrument enables a frying oil test to be carried out quickly and you can fry with a clear conscience. Depending on the utilization of the deep fat fryer, it may be advisable to measure the quality on a daily basis at first and then to extend the intervals.

Save cooking oil
Regular measurement with the testo 270 prevents the cooking oil from being replaced too early or too late – this can reduce your cooking oil consumption by up to 20%, thus saving costs.


Technical Data

Temperature - PTC
Measuring range +40 to +200 °C
Accuracy ±1.5 °C
Resolution 0.1 °C

TPM - Capacitive
Measuring range 0.0 to 40.0 % TPM
Accuracy ±2 % TPM (+40 to +190 °C)
Resolution 0.5 % TPM (+40 to +190 °C)

General technical data
Reaction time Approx. 30 s
Dimensions 50 x 170 x 300 mm
Operating temperature 0 to +50 °C
Housing ABS / ABS-PC fibre glass 10%
Protection class IP65
Alarm features Upper and lower TPM limit value freely adjustable, visual alarm via 3-colour display backlighting (green, orange, red), values and illumination flash in the display until the measurement is ended (Auto Hold)

Battery type 2 AAA micro batteries
Battery life approx. 25 h continuous operation (corresponds to approx. 500 measurements )
Display type LCD
Display size 2 lines
Display ligthing backlight
Storage temperature -20 to +70 °C
Weight 255 g
Application temperature +40 to +200 °C