Saveris 2 - Temperature and Humidity monitoring & data logging to the Cloud anywhere, anytime. 

HACCP International Approved Testo Saveris 2 system enables users to log temperature and humidity levels easily, anytime and anywhere, without compromising security, or creating bother with time consuming software. All you need is an internet connection, wireless LAN and Web browser.
The system consists of WiFi data loggers and Cloud based data storage. The Testo Saveris 2 WiFi data loggers reliably record temperature and humidity at defined intervals, and transmit the measurement values directly by WiFi to the Testo Cloud.

New Testo 160 monitoring system for museums, archives, galleries and libraries

Each person has his/her own personal feel-good temperature – and most objects in museums and archives do too. But unlike us, paintings, sculptures or antique books cannot adapt, and always depend on establishment of the appropriate ambient climate. The monitoring system Testo 160 supports you in protecting works of art from mould, bleaching, corrosion or distortion, comprehensively and at the same time unobtrusively. The added bonus of the T160 loggers is that they are 100% compatible with the Testo Saveris 2 wireless monitoring data loggers! 

Your challenge
Works of art are extremely sensitive to fluctuations in the ambient conditions in the rooms in which they are exhibited or stored.

  • Monitor indoor climate, light irradiation and air quality wherever they have an influence on the condition – and therefore the value – of exhibits
  • Ensure a pleasant climate in exhibition rooms for visitors and staff

Our Solution
With the monitoring system Testo 160, you monitor temperature, humidity, light intensity, UV radiation and CO2 concentration automatically, unobtrusively and without interruption.

  • Small dimensions, individually designable housing cover
  • Automatic data upload to the Testo Cloud
  • Customizable alarm functions (e-mail & SMS)
  • Low effort required for installation and operation
  • Measurement value transfer by wireless LAN to the Cloud store

The loggers transfer measurement values by wireless LAN to the online store (Testo Cloud). You can access all data at any time with the testo Saveris 2 App or by PC/tablet/ smartphone and a normal browser. If limit values are exceeded, an alarm is immediately provided by SMS and/ or e-mail. For light intensity, an alarm can also be triggered if the accumulated light quantity within a day, a week or a month exceeds a limit value.