Food Safety tips and tricks from Testo NZ

We've created a series of infographics to help you with your food safety program and identify the right food safety instruments for your application. We have divided these infographic resources into the different food sector as identified by the icons below. View all the sectors or skip to the sector that most applies to you.

Food Preparation/Production

You deal with fresh goods every day. The quality of the products must always be immaculate so that inferior goods are not brought into circulation.

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Bakers and Butchers

Butchers and bakers deal on a daily basis with fresh meat, pastries and other products which can spoil easily. The observation of temperature conditions is crucial. Because the goods must be of impeccable quality.

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In food serving areas such as restaurants and cafes etc, it is essential to heat up food properly and serve it at the right temperature to make sure it can be safely enjoyed by the consumer.

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In the food processing sector, the cold chain has to be constantly checked and verified for compliance during transportation. It is therefore important to monitor the temperature continuously to ensure food safety

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Supermarkets & Storage

Ambient conditions also have an influence on product quality. This makes continuous monitoring of temperature and relative humidity in the warehouse essential so your customers will receive goods that are impeccable in terms of both hygiene and quality

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