Where can frozen thermometers be used?

Where can frozen thermometers be used?

Due to New Zealand's highly varied climate, food manufacturers face many challenges to ensure that products that they send to the supermarkets and beyond are compliant and up-to-standard.

These factors, combined with the growing population and  the amount of food people consume, mean manufacturers have to be able to keep up with  the ever increasing demand while simultaneously ensuring not to compromise food quality.

One sector of the food industry under extreme pressure is the frozen food sector. With the storage and transportation of food being so important, it's crucial for manufacturers to take steps to ensure quality when it reaches consumers. This can be achieved through the use of devices such as the Testo 105- Frozen Food Thermometer.

Where can these thermometers be useful?

  1. In Trucks

    As New Zealand's agricultural heartlands are spread widely across the nation, freight companies are tasked with transporting frozen goods such as meat and dairy products across vast distances

    Sometimes these trips may take several hours. Therefore it is vital that products are checked on a regular basis. These thermometers can be used by drivers during breaks to check that the truck is still at the correct temperature. If an issue does arise, then a visual or audible alarm will alert them to the problem so that they can take preventative measures before the food is spoiled.

  2. In abattoirs

    New Zealand produces some of the best lamb and beef in the entire world. Because of this, there is a serious demand for this product from overseas nations such as Australia, China and Russia.

    A trade between New Zealand and these countries continues to flourish and is reliant on those at the start of the process, the slaughterhouse, ensuring good meat quality. An optional long 200mm measurement tip allows workers to deeply test meat to ensure that it is still at the right temperature while it is stored.

  3. In refrigerated store rooms

    Prior to products going on sale to the general public in supermarkets, many products require storage in refrigerated storerooms. During this time, it is crucial to keep quality high and the threat of bacteria low.

    In order for this to be achieved, it is important for businesses to constantly check the temperature of frozen products in refrigerated storerooms.  One of the biggest benefits  of the Testo 105 is that there are two user-defined limit values so both temperature extremes can be monitored. This allows storeroom managers to set upper and lower limits based on what product is stored.

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