Where can a Frozen Food Thermometer Be Used?

Where can a Frozen Food Thermometer Be Used?

New Zealand is known for its incredibly varied climate. With four seasons in a day, food manufacturers face many challenges when it comes to ensuring that products  that they send to supermarkets and beyond are up-to-standard.

These factors combined with the growing population and amount of food people consume means that manufacturers need to be able to keep up with demand without compromising quality.

This is particularly true with the frozen food market. With the storage and transportation of food being so important in this sector, it is crucial that manufacturers take the necessary steps to ensure that quality is maintained by the time the product reaches consumers. This can be achieved through the use of devices such as the Testo 105 - Frozen Food Thermometer.

Where can these Thermometers be Useful?

In Trucks
As New Zealand's agricultural heartlands are spread throughout the country, freight companies are tasked with transporting frozen goods such as meat and dairy products across vast areas.

With some trips taking several hours, it is important that products are checked on a regular basis. Drivers can use the thermometer during breaks to make sure that the truck is still at the right temperature. If there are any issues, then a visual or audible alarm can alert drivers to the product, allowing them to address it before the food is spoiled.

In Abattoirs
New Zealand produces some of the best meat in the world. Because of this, there is serious demand for these products from overseas such as Australia, China and Russia.
As trade between New Zealand and these countries continues to increase, those at the beginning of the process in the slaughterhouse are responsible for ensuring good meat quality. An optional long 200mm measurement tip means workers can deeply test the meat to make sure that it is still at the right temperature even when it is stored.

In Refrigerated Storerooms
Prior to products being sold to the general public in supermarkets, many  products sit in refrigerated store rooms. During this time, it is crucial to keep them at the correct temperature to maintain their quality and reduce the risk of bacterial growth.

In order to achieve this, businesses need to constantly check the temperature of frozen products waiting to be put onto shelves. One of the benefits of the Testo 105 - Frozen Food Thermometer is that there are two user-defined limit values. This enables you to set a parameter for both temperature extremes to be monitored, allowing store managers to set an upper and lower value based on what the product is.

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