What do Restaurant and IT Staff have in Common?

What do Restaurant and IT Staff have in Common?

One group operates out of a kitchen, while the other is surrounded by network servers… So what exactly makes restaurant and IT staff alike?

The answer? They are both frontline workers, a class of employees at the very centre of production. They're also set to take increased prominence in their respective organisations as digital transformation offers them a greater impact on day-to-day labour. Innovations such as Testos Saveris restaurant quality management system is evidence of this change.

Turning a problem into a solution.

Over the next few years, there will be an influx of products released with the intention to help both kitchen staff and IT workers. Understanding where the challenges lie for executives hoping to empower their cybersecurity experts and network specialists can assist in helping restaurant owners recognise how to tackle and solve the issues they may face too.

Here are three limiting factors, identified by Forbes, that can be applied to both parties.

  1. Poor training and developmental tools;
  2. Lack of customisable, specific solutions;
  3. Uncertainty regarding national and local regulations.

Effective staff can mean the difference between a successful and failing restaurant. They can improve the reputation of the location, as well as assist in avoiding non-compliance by strictly adhering to food codes and standards. This type of performance is not dissimilar to the type of disruption that executives may face with inadequate IT staff. Restaurant personal just need the right set of tools to effectively do their job on a daily basis.

Finding the answer

The Testo Saveris Restaurant automated quality management solutions ticks all the boxes in regards to getting around the obstacles and challenges faced by restaurants. By digitising the guidebook specifically to meet in-house and government standards and regulations allows supervisors to help staff stay consistent in their approaches to food safety, as well as grow their skill set to avoid any potential breaches.

Enablement is the key to moving your restaurant forward: the Testo Saveris Restaurant platform uses a digital control panel in association with a variety of thermometers and multifunction instruments to make employees jobs easier and keep restaurants running efficiently. Staff can seamlessly check temperatures of frozen or cooked food and know the instant it meets guidelines. This puts all the power in their capable hands and helps ensure high food quality.

The future is digital, the industry has long moved past the antiquated analogue instruments of yesteryear. While restaurant staff may not need to deal with cyberattacks and digital security breaches, they do have a number of challenges they face on a day to day basis. So give your staff a helping hand and contact the Testo NZ team today to find learn more.