What are the risks of irregular instrument calibration?

What are the risks of irregular instrument calibration?

Regular instrument calibrations are crucial to keeping any operation running smoothly. Without them, operators expose themselves to risks such as:

  • Inaccurate measurements, leading to compromised production
  • Instrument safety risks
  • Increased downtime of manufacturing solutions
  • Dissatisfied customers and loss of business
  • A higher overall spend on operational instruments

It is crucial to have a dedicated servicing and calibration schedule for your vital measurement instruments to avoid the pitfalls listed above. It also means you can proactively implement quality control and instrument use. Maximising process productivity and making the most of the financial investment in your testing solutions.

The risks of irregular instrument calibration explained

A lack of servicing and calibration of testing instruments can have far reaching consequences across every application and function with in your business.

Inaccurate measurements leading to compromised production – reduced measurement accuracy is a direct result of failing to calibrate your instruments. This creates production issues such as compromised product/process quality, increased waste and lowered productivity.

Instrument safety risks – unserviced instruments can be solely blamed for electrical shocks. Aside from individual measuring instruments being potentially unsafe, safety issues also arise when data inaccuracies put employees’ health at risk. For example, an instrument that is unable to detect increasing particulate build up in an indoor facility may leave workers at risk of long-term respiratory issues.

Increased downtime and repair of malfunctioning solutions – if you do not have a dedicated calibration schedule, your testing instruments may cease to operate accurately at any time. This will result in increased downtime while operators repair and service your instruments.

Dissatisfied customers and loss of business – your business is fortunate if it is able to identify testing instrument inaccuracy during internal production. It is often only discovered once customers report receiving a compromised product or clients visiting an unsafe site. In these cases, by the time calibration is noted as a remedy, it may be too late to retain that customer or client.

A higher overall spend on instruments – every single one of the above factors ultimately lead to a greater overall spend on fixing the errors stemming from a lack of instrument calibration. However, with a dedicated, professional service, operators are able to avoid these costs and ensure business critical testing and measurement solutions continue to work accurately for longer.

Testo New Zealand’s onsite calibration service

Our customers based in Auckland can now access our suite of instrument calibrations onsite. That means you can worry less about transporting your instrument solutions offsite for servicing, and focus on doing what you do best, running a facility! Our onsite servicing and calibration means less downtime for you, to keep your business running smoothly. No wasted productivity waiting for instruments to be returned to you, all work can be completed in your facility, on your time, to meet the specific needs of your business. Contact the Testo team today to find out more about the benefits of our onsite servicing!