The Testo Saveris 2 Keeps you out of the Temperature Danger Zone

The Testo Saveris 2 Keeps you out of the Temperature Danger Zone

Unfortunately most New Zealanders at one point or another will find themselves a victim of food poisoning. There’s no argument that the issue is common, but with a little more care in the food production, transportation and storage sector, these figures can be significantly reduced. In all three of these sectors, temperature data loggers can help organisations keep closer control over the safety of food. This means that there is a much lower chance of contamination and illness.

Optimising the Environment For Food Safety

Ensuring that fresh produce is safe for consumption starts with monitoring temperature. The Food Safety Information Council has clearly defined the “temperature danger zone” - a temperature zone that poses serious risk of bacterial growth if food is left in it for more than 2 hours. This temperature range is anywhere between  5°C and 60°C.

This danger zone applies to anyone with food in their home, but for businesses involved in food transportation or storage, keeping a close watch on the thermometer is vital. The Testo Saveris 2 has been specifically designed with these industries in mind, collecting data through wireless probes that are installed across vehicles and storage locations. These probes allow alerts to be sent immediately when temperature or humidity levels go outside defined limits.

How Does the Testo Saveris 2 System Work?

With the Saveris 2 temperature data logger solution, managing your product handling system’s climate control is efficient, intuitive and reliable no matter where you are. Setting up the Saveris 2 is easy, simply install any of our data loggers based on the layout of your location, and connect them to your local WiFi router. Through Testo Cloud (free of charge with a basic license) any fluctuations in temperature or humidity are closely monitored.

If an issue does arise, a notification will instantly be sent to your PC or smart device, allowing you to immediately address it within the 2 hour window allowed by the temperature danger zone. The Saveris 2 also complies with the EB12830 standard, offering further peace of mind that your fresh produce is being taken care of even when you are away from the site.

Ensure your produce is arriving at its destination in the best possible condition with Testo Saveris 2 data loggers. For more information, get in touch with the expert team at Testo NZ today!