The benefits of a screw-in thermometer

The benefits of a screw-in thermometer

The restaurant industry is renowned for its extremely tight margins. From meal prices to service times, numbers play a role in every part of the restaurant.

However, possibly the single most important numbers are those associated with food safety - namely cooking time and temperatures. If a restaurant fails to cook food for long enough, the risk to public safety increases and the same goes for if food isn't up to temperature.

This is why it is crucial to have a capable thermometer that can measure temperature and give you a gauge of how well something is cooked, as well as the correct temperature to be serving it at. Here are two benefits of the Testo 108-2 screw in probe thermometer. 

1) Ease on the line

The speed an efficiency a restaurant needs to pump out dishes means that there is always going to be a risk that sometimes food temperatures are missed. Whether the blame falls on poor cooking practises or service, food can be left on the line for some time. To combat this, kitchens can use a thermometer. By placing the thermometer inside the food, it can determine its serving temperature. In addition to this, it can be used to test how well a piece of meat is cooked to guarantee customer satisfaction.

This device has a temperature range of -20 to +60 degrees Celsius. This means that it can be used on both hot mains and cold desserts. That being said, the device is completely waterproof and capable of working in the hot temperatures of a working kitchen environment. Furthermore, it comes with a protective soft case cover to keep it safe from impact damage and dirt.

2) Accuracy guaranteed

Restaurants can only guarantee the quality of their products if they are equipped with the correct tools. The Screw-in Probe Thermometer is one such tool that acts as a safety net for ensuring you are keeping your customers safe and your restaurant's reputation intact.

This tool conforms to both Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) guidelines and EN 13485. This means you will receive accurate readings to ensure the food leaving the kitchen is well-cooked and at a safe temperature for consumption

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