Testo’s solutions for food storage monitoring

Testo’s solutions for food storage monitoring

Food production in New Zealand is an ever-increasing industry, and it is fair to say that this growth is not going to slow down any time in the near future. Within this ever-growing industry, it is important for operators to be able to accurately monitor the ambient conditions of their food storage facilities for their business to flourish. Collecting data has to be consistent and intuitive without creating additional workload through unnecessary processing. This is what makes having a digital solution that is capable of measuring all relevant environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity levels, so important in ensuring the success of a cold chain warehouse organisation.

Which ambient conditions are important for operators to monitor?

Different perishable goods are going to require different conditional parameters to prevent spoilage. This is informed by both the stored products themselves, and by various organisations. These organisations govern food safety in New Zealand and provide food safety and compliance regulations. Two of the decisive parameters that need to be monitored and maintained in order to reduce the risk of food becoming compromised are temperature and humidity.

  • Temperature: If conditions are not kept within a certain range, the quality of the food may be harmed. Refrigerated goods should be chilled in temperatures between zero and five degrees Celsius. If the temperature is any warmer, the risk of bacterial growth increases.
  • Humidity: Bacterial build up and rotting may be caused by excess moisture build up. Food that is left in any overly humid conditions for more than four hours should be disposed of.

Making sure that these two factors are monitored at all times in cold chain storage is a primary concern. But what instruments offer comprehensive data logging and collation to meet the demand?

Testo’s Cold Chain Measuring and Monitoring Solutions

Testo Serveris 2-H1 data logger

Testo Serveris 2-H1 data logger allows you to monitor temperature and humidity in any conditions with the use of integrated probes for a longer sample period of ambient data. This data can then be processed, and transmitted via WiFi to Testo’s cloud storage platform. These readings can be accessed from any smart device or PC at any time. By presetting limit value alarms, users can be alerted immediately if cold chain storage conditions reach outside of the temperature or humidity levels of the acceptable ambient parameters. In this event, an SMS message or email is sent to the operator, providing them with the insight into potential equipment failure or operational processes compromising food safety and quality.

Testo Saveris 2-T1 with integrated NTC temperature probe

Testo Saveris 2-T1 possesses most of the same features as the above solution, but this solution also includes an NTC temperature probe for more reliable probe testing for core temperatures of perishable goods.

Testo’s online data processing app allows users to create reports and data charts in a number of formats. This information is sharable on different smart devices and computers. Operators are therefore able to get a total overview and instant access to all food quality and safety data.

Accurate data collection, simple integration and intuitive functionality are all key features in our line of storage monitoring solutions. We offer warehouse managers unparalleled data gathering ability to help improve operations. If your cold chain business is ready to make a change, contact Testo today!