Take a two-tonged approach with food safety assurance

Take a two-tonged approach with food safety assurance

Food transportation is a crucial part of our modern world. Large amounts of food products are transported and delivered every day, and safety is paramount.

Food quality assurance managers’ job is to ensure that their teams and the products they oversee are following Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) guidelines. Fortunately for organisations that work in this sector, they don’t need to wait for innovative technologies to hit the market to make this an efficient task. Testo’s 104-IR  infrared and probe thermometer combines the best of both solutions

Quick and accurate pallet measurements

As the world's population continues to rise, so has the demand on the food supply. Between now and 2050, it is estimated that food production will ramp up by 70 to 100 percent of its current state according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)

Food safety quality assurance managers will stand at the frontline of distribution, performing their role in ensuring products passing through are safe for consumption. Speed is of the essence with this expected increase in volume, but urgency can’t compromise operations.

The Testo 104-R comes equipped with a two-point laser infrared thermometer with 10:1 optics. This allows it to create accurate readings without the need to manually check each delivered food item.

Infrared thermometers are capable of being 20 times quicker to use than traditional food probes. This means that quality assurance personnel can keep up with high demand without any potentially compromised food products slipping past them.

Two-for-one special

The design of the Testo-104 IR makes it incredibly versatile. It is small enough to fit in the front pocket of a shirt, making it easily accessible at a moment's notice.  The retractable probe thermometer is also a key feature, as it allows quality assurance managers to easily transition from testing the temperature of entire pallets to individual products if inconsistencies occur in their initial measurements.

By having these two functions in one device, personnel only have to carry around the Testo-104 IR as opposed to two devices that often are much larger than they need to be. Staff are able to seamlessly check large shipments, or separate solids and semisolids like meat and dairy at the click of a button.

The Testo 104-IR includes its HACCP certification. This is a must have for industry compliance. Furthermore, it features a water resistant-design for added practicality. The Testo 104-IR is an innovative, forward looking tool that is a staple in an industry set to see a major rise in production and volume of work in the coming years. Get in contact with the knowledgeable team at Testo New Zealand for more information.