Non-Compliance is an Unnecessary Risks for Restaurants

Non-Compliance is an Unnecessary Risks for Restaurants


There’s no doubt that the food and beverage industry has always been a difficult place to stand out in, but new diners can find themselves achieving that easily - for the wrong reasons.

Restaurant review platforms such as Yelp have seen their influence grow tremendously as potential customers have adopted them as their first port of call to check restaurant ratings. Negative feedback can hurt sales, even if the original cause was nothing more than an accident.

In this day and age, compliance cannot simply be the goal. Innovative smart technology such as the Testo Saveris Restaurant Solution can make industry regulations become the standard.

Are you taking a risk?

It just isn't possible for management to be in the kitchen all the time. This makes it difficult to know if proper precautions are being taken at every turn. This lack of trust has the ability to amplify if the staff are inexperienced because, while they may hold a safety certification, they may not understand how the information fits into their day-to-day responsibilities.

With so much on a chef’s mind before doors open to customers, it's completely understandable that certain inspections may be forgotten. It’s in these moments that food goes undercooked or spoiled meat is served. One salmonella outbreak could capture headlines for weeks. This can prove to be extremely costly, as the vast majority of people will not eat again at a diner that has suffered a food safety violation. Slip-ups like these have the potential to permanently tarnish your restaurant's reputation and cause a financial blow that may be impossible to recover from.

Keeping food safety simple

One of the biggest obstacles to navigate to effective compliance is all the paperwork that comes with it. While many businesses have upgraded their food thermometer technology, they’ve failed to do the same with their quality management process. This is where the Testo Saveris Restaurant Solution can help.

Pairing food safety tools with a control unit that guides staff through the checklist for locally specific food regulation codes is the next step the industry is taking to improve compliance across the board. Doing this removes any shred of doubt that a chef may have forgotten a key step in the process, ensuring all standards are met daily.

For inexperienced kitchen staff, this can assist in reminding them of anything they may have missed by accident. It also helps ingrain the common procedures they are required to perform. With so much on the line, are you willing to let your restaurant's reputation hinge on a mistake? Get in contact with them at Testo NZ today to learn more about the Testo Saveris quality management system.