Inside the Testo Saveris data Monitoring System

Inside the Testo Saveris data Monitoring System

When it comes to health and pharmaceutical goods, safe storage and transportation conditions are critical to preserving the usability and effectiveness of these products.

Because of this, pharmaceutical research and development laboratories and hospitals are often placed under extremely strict regulatory pressure to ensure that they maintain a stable environment for them to store their products in, and this environment is adequately monitored and documented.

To achieve this, it is necessary for a comprehensive and reliable data monitoring system.

The Testo Saveris data monitoring system is an advanced solution designed to provide the pharmaceutical industry with a practical and efficient method of both reading and compiling information on temperature and environmental conditions.

With the Testo Saveris, operators can easily and efficiently keep track of cargo during every stage of the process, from production through to storage and transportation.

Inside the Testo Saveris

The Testo Saveris system is made up of a number of different components which operate in unison to deliver a versatile, high performing and intuitive data monitoring experience.

The base unit serves as the heart of the system. It can record up to 40,000 different data recordings per measurement channel. It works alongside the Testo Saveris software to compile and store comprehensive data recordings.

There are several different formats provided by Testo Saveris software to support organisational needs. For example, there is the Small Business Edition, the Professional Edition with additional functionality, as well as a version that is specifically designed to comply with the FDR Code of Federal Regulations.

There are various additional components available for the Testo Saveris System that can be utilised depending on an individual's requirements, including a cockpit unit, routers, converters and extenders, and additional power supplies.

High tech features for advanced usability

The Testo Saveris has a number of advanced features on offer that are designed to make data monitoring as comprehensive, accurate and reliable as possible. These include:

  • Automatic Alarms
    In order to ensure maximum monitoring functionality, the Testo Saveris features automatic alarms in a number of formats designed to alert authorised users if conditions change and are no longer optimal for the stored product.
    Measurement data is transmitted wirelessly from the Saveris base station, where it can then trigger an alarm that is disseminated through a variety of possible formats including SMS and email. This means that authorised personnel can be informed as quickly as possible to prevent the quality of the product from being compromised.

  • Central Documentation
    The Testo Saveris has the capability to record multiple varied measuring points within a single unified system. It does not matter whether the product is stationary on enroute, information regarding its storage conditions is transferred to the data monitoring software where it is securely stored and backed-up.

  • Automatic Reporting
    The Testo Saveris can also automatically generate documentation and reports relating to measurement data. All it takes is setting a predefined format and time for the report, and the Testo Saveris will do the rest, ensuring that records are kept in a consistent, ongoing manner.
    Files are automatically saved as PDFs, with the ability to print them at a later stage if required. This makes it extremely intuitive and simple for users to review and assess storage and transportation conditions to ensure compliance and safety.

Other applications of the Testo Saveris

While the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries are obviously the perfect match for the Testo Saveris system, there are many other sectors that can benefit from its implementation.

The Testo Saveris can be employed in any scenario in which environmental conditions play a vital role in the lifespan and quality of goods, everything from the food and restaurant industries through to museums and archives.

For more information on the Testo Saveris system, reach out to the expert team at Testo New Zealand today!