How “Smart” is Your Cold Chain?

How “Smart” is Your Cold Chain?

For the longest time, supply chains have been a point of contention in turning a profit. Even companies that have figured out how to reduce the complexity of their delivery routes still contribute to a $50 billion worth of lost cargo globally each year. Shipping fresh produce and perishables can be an even greater risk than transporting other products. However, innovative quality management systems are helping to greatly mitigate the threat.

What is your Company Losing?

The nature of cold chains is inherently insatiable. Across the food distribution industry, there have been countless studies that find that the conditions inventory is transported in is often unstable. This results in various temperature swings. Given the fact that food is always decaying, these environmental changes only serve to speed up the process.

Every year, around one-third of all fresh fruits and vegetables are thrown out due to poor quality. A large portion of that waste is attributed to ineffective food logistic strategies. By integrating the Testo Saveris Retail platform, companies can leverage real-time insight over food quality during transportation to significantly reduce loss and improve their bottom line.

Take Action Today

It’s always been accepted that the cold chain is unable to guarantee the fresh delivery of food on its own. But now, distribution centres can reliably leverage data loggers placed inside storage chambers to generate real-time charts that depict any variations in temperature. This allows personnel to immediately act to remedy issues that may arise. This cuts down the chance that the inventory becomes waste before reaching growers.

Testo Saveris Retail is a platform designed to digitise quality management, creating an automated system for monitoring cold chain environments starting from the warehouse all the way through to the recipient. This provides the transport company with insight into their methods and provides transparency to the customer.

The majority of industries are using Internet of Things (IoT) technology in some shape or form and now the same can be said for logistics organizations. Testo Saveris Retail helps companies create a more intelligent cold chain. For more information on how the Saveris data loggers can assist your business, get in contact with the team at Testo NZ today!