Four Benefits of Testo Saveris

Four Benefits of Testo Saveris

There is a very fine line when it comes to temperature and humidity. As both of these factors are silent, human interaction is required to track and monitor them. This is crucial when dealing with a range of goods that are temperature and humidity sensitive. Failing to do so can have a variety of repercussions- from general health and safety concerns through to the loss of items and products that are irreplaceable.

However, it is impossible to watch and guard these items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is why a professional data monitoring system such as Saveris is important.

Here are four benefits to installing Testo Saveris.

1. Instant alarms

Let's take a hypothetical situation for example. The air conditioning system in place malfunctions. In an instance, your temperature sensitive products are at risk. Fortunately, the Testo Saveris is constantly transmitting data back to the base station where all results are documented and monitored.

In this instance, a number of alarms would trigger to alert building owners and professionals that the limit values have been exceeded. These alerts can be in the form of emails, text messages or an alarm relay.

It is important to note that even if the system isn’t connected to an email or computer, a remote alarm can still be activated.

2. Distant Monitoring

Even if you are not present in the building or factory, you still can receive up-to-date information on what data Saveris is picking up through Testo’s cloud based app. You have the ability to access comprehensive analytics of the recorded measurement data and pass this information onto someone who can fix the problem.

For example, an IVF professional was recently able to check tank temperatures in Sydney while on his ski holiday in New Zealand.

3. Wireless technology

A vital part of Saveris is that it connects to the base station and its target wirelessly without any cable or hardware.

This allows an easier set up, less clutter allowing staff to navigate around it easily and safely, while lowering the chance of outside interference manipulating or damaging the system.

4. Range of Applications

Because the Testo Saveris is a versatile system, it is perfect for a range of applications. It can be used to monitor anything from food and medication in cold chains, to books, artwork and ancient artifacts in museums.

As the system can monitor the software and hardware related to the product as well, it can be placed in a range of situations and accurately manage the temperature and humidity.
The Testo Saveris is a powerhouse when it comes to temperature and humidity monitoring. It is a corner piece of technology for any operation that requires accurate and efficient monitoring with a range of applications amongst a wide array of industries. To find out how the Testo Saveris can benefit your business, get in contact with the expert team at Testo NZ today.