Cold Chain Transport: A Complex Task made Simple by Testo

Cold Chain Transport: A Complex Task made Simple by Testo

A monumental task of shipping and logistics is quality assurance for perishable goods as they are shipped around the country. This requires monitoring the conditions to sustain an environment that consumers and manufactures alike can trust. In all of this, no industry is more important than pharmaceutical cold storage transport.

The Complexity of Cold Chain Transport

The Distribution of pharmaceuticals from manufacturers to retail consumers can be a complex task. This is because of its expanding supply chain, including distribution centers and wholesalers before it reaches its destination.

Cold Chain (the refrigerated storage and transport of perishable goods) is the only logical and feasible means in which goods can be transported over vast distances and still remain safe for human consumption on arrival.

As soon as pharmaceutical goods leave the factory, they have to remain safety compliant all the way through to arriving at retailers.

Why is Monitoring Conditions during Pharma Transport so Important?

Medication is particular susceptible to persisting due to incorrect temperature storage. Once a certain temperature threshold is reached, they are considered expired. This means they can no longer be prescribed by doctors or sold in pharmacies as they are no longer considered fit for human consumption. Exposure to these certain temperature thresholds means the pharmaceuticals may lose their efficacy, or have negative side effects if consumed. This makes monitoring the storage conditions of pharmaceutical goods vital. Some of the challenges that arise if failing to do so include:

  • Pharmaceutical manufactures can lose thousands of dollars of wasted stock that would have to be destroyed.
  • Manufacturing customers incur a pointless cost for transport that delivered a product they can’t use.
  • The sale of compromised or expired pharmaceuticals will lead to customer dissatisfaction, or even worse, health issues.

It should now be apparent how vital it is that these transport conditions for pharmaceutical transport is. With that in mind, how can operators ensure that pharmaceutical products are kept in a safe condition until they are delivered to the retailer?

Testo's pharma transport monitoring solutions

Traditionally, tracking operational data from manufacturer requires endless manual logging and paper work across the supply chain. Thankfully, those days are behind us. Testo New Zealand offers a range of instruments for collecting and collating temperature data to make the process streamlined, seamless, and convenient. You’d be hard pressed not to find a solution that suits every operator.

Testo’s Pharma Saveris

Testo’s Pharma Saveris data loggers and temperature probes were designed alongside the supply chain over decades, with valuable insight from the experts into their development. The instruments record data throughout the journey of the pharmaceutical goods to make sure they are kept in safe adequate conditions at all time. If the products are exposed to a temperature outside of their preset temperature threshold, an alarm automatically goes off to alert the operator. This helps reduce the risk of pharmaceuticals being compromised.

For instance, if broken refrigeration equipment causes temperatures to drop, this would be immediately be picked up by the operator, and they would be able to move the product quickly to another figuration unit before the product would expire.

This is made possible by linking Testo’s Pharma Saveris to the operator’s smart devices, allowing for measures to be taken to minimize risk of compromised pharmaceuticals reaching retailers.

Testo’s 184 Data Logger.

Testo’s solution is used throughout the cold chain industry. Whether transporting food, liquid, and most importantly, pharmaceuticals, the Testo 184 Data Logger makes tracking temperatures easy. The instrument records temperatures throughout the entire journey, with a large LED display making it easy for operators to check conditions at a glance. Once the journey has been completed, the Testo 184 Data Logger can be linked to a computer so that operators can view and record all the data collected on the journey.

Testo 184 Data Logger offers an efficient and simple means of analyzing the effectiveness of cold storage conditions, so that ensuring pharmaceutical goods are still safety compliant when they arrive at their destination as efficient as possible.

Testo 184 Data Logger is perfect for tracking the temperatures of cold chain transport.

Talk to TestoNZ today to take control of your cold chain conditions. Discover the importance of building an integrated ecosystem of temperature data loggers and sensors to keep operators abreast of storage conditions at all times. Only then can the pharmaceutical industry begin to reach true operational efficiency and safety compliance.

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