3 Reasons To Invest In A Food Safety And Quality Management System

3 Reasons To Invest In A Food Safety And Quality Management System

It goes without saying that quality assurance and food safety are critical for all businesses that store, serve and handle food before it makes its way to customers. Managing these critical processes for safe and healthy operations has the potential to require significant investment, both financially and in regards to employee time. Traditional workflows for overseeing food safety and quality management throughout an entire supply chain requires plenty of attentive, active human involvement. 

Investing in a modern food safety and quality management solution can help your organisation operate more effectively in terms of environmental regulation adherence, energy savings improvement and general process modernisation. For this to occur, it is important that you invest in a solution that emphasises automation and streamlined delivery of data. An added benefit of such a system is its ability to minimise risk and wastage.

Take into consideration these three reasons to invest in a food safety and quality management solution.

  1. Food Safety and the Law

The Food Act: This law requires that all New Zealand business owners that sell or prepare food ensure that said food is safe for consumption. It sets standards of cleanliness in relation to food storage, preparation, service areas and hygienic food handling practises. 

Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code: This code contains a detailed set of requirements for all New Zealand food businesses to operate safely. This includes how to keep food safe for consumption. All workplaces need to have procedures to ensure that they follow the code. More information about the code is available on the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) website.

All food businesses need to have a food safety program which shows their food safety and hygiene practises and procedures. The program usually requires businesses to record information such as food delivery times, food storage temperatures and cleaning schedules. This is where Testo’s solutions are highly effective in helping automate this process.

  1. Improving Product Safety.

Food safety is a critical factor that concerns both customers and businesses owners alike. Whether in relation to a restaurant, supermarket or any other business that must keep ingredients and ready-to-sell food within a safe temperature range before it makes it to customers, strong oversight and consistency is crucial. Manual processes used for monitoring have a large margin for human error within the processes. This can lead to blind spots in your operations that can result in customers purchasing spoiled goods or unsafe food.

By putting in place a modern quality assurance and food solution, it is far easier to keep your food safe and at the correct temperature. This will create a positive reputation among your customers.

  1. Lowering Operational Costs

The amount of time required for staff and management doing everything from checking and logging temperatures, to reconciling reports and conducting their own analysis of available data, adds up. Even though it is an understandable allocation of resources to make sure this is done well, a more efficient solution will still drastically speed up the task.  Businesses have powerful and efficient options for monitoring key standards through an automated food safety and quality solution while also reducing the amount of time staff have to spend on rate work tied to them.

By freeing up available time for employees, they are able to focus more on tasks that leverage their knowledge, skills and experience. This provides better value for the company. This includes reviewing the information and analysis by modern food safety and quality management solution and using this analysis to take proactive steps to address potential issues, as well as act on opportunities for additional efficiency and cost savings.

Partnering with an Industry Leader

At Testo New Zealand, we offer a food safety and quality management solution that aligns perfectly with the needs of supermarkets, restaurants and other businesses that deal with food distribution, logistics and sales. To find out more about our innovative and highly praised solutions, get in contact with the team at Testo NZ  today.