Why the Testo 420 and 480 are outstanding for facility maintenance?

Why the Testo 420 and 480 are outstanding for facility maintenance?

Accurate readings of pressure, humidity and temperature are vital across a range of different industries. In these industries, it always pays to have the very best professional equipment on hand. With that in mind, the testo 420 and the testo 480 can equip your facility with a watertight way of monitoring the ongoings of the building and its features. Let's take a moment to have a look at just why you should unleash the magic of both the Testo 420 and Testo 480.

The testo 420 – an innovative industry leader

The Testo 420 is a Blue-tooth enabled tool with the ability to measure differential pressure, humidity, absolute pressure and temperature. It comes equipped with a volume flow food and 16 measurement points. This makes it capable of capturing the most accurate recordings possible. These features are particularly useful for HVAC professionals requiring precise biometric readings. Additionally the Testo 420 can attach and detach from a flow straightener, allowing it to deliver even more accurate readings, as well as comply with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) guidelines.

It is easy to operate, and because it is Bluetooth-ready, can easily connect with an app so that you can monitor the readings and take appropriate action if need be, no matter where you are in the world.

The Testo 420 is a technologically advanced piece of hardware.

The testo 480 – a beautifully versatile multifunction instrument

If you find yourself needing to take measurements on the go, the Testo 480 comes into its own. This versatile device is capable of measuring airflow, temperature and air pressure across multiple rooms - all from it’s perfectly designed, compact package.

This impressive product is a single device that is no larger than a mobile phone. There are a number of optional probes to plug into your 480 to increase its functionality and versatility even further. It is possible to test indoor air quality (a probe that comes equipped with a tripod), turbulence and even illuminance – the Testo 480 really is a jack of all trades – and master of them, too.

As standalone devices, both the Testo 420 and the Testo 480 are incredible pieces of hardware. It’s easy to see that they are formidable pieces of kit. They are reliable, efficient, portable, accurate and innovative. For more information on how to improve your business or facilities monitoring prowess with the Testo 420 and the Testo 480, get in contact with the expert team at Testo NZ today!