What is a Cost-Effective Way of Measuring Air Velocity?

What is a Cost-Effective Way of Measuring Air Velocity?

Air velocity plays a crucial role in determining whether or not an HVAC system is operating correctly and efficiently.

According to the National Institute of Building Services’ Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG), there are many buildings that are segmented into zones. Each of these zones possess different temperature and air quality parameters. Because air velocity influences both of these factors, it is vital for HVAC technicians to possess accurate tools to test it.

There are a wide range of air velocity measurement instruments for HVAC professionals to choose from. One such device is designed to accommodate the modern, budget-constrained worker.

Making use of smart probes

Testo New Zealand has a range of smart probes, one of which is the Testo 410i, a vane anemometer that is developed to measure air velocity, volume flow and temperature. One of the biggest features that distinguishes the 410i from other instruments is its Bluetooth connectivity, light weight, and portability.

HVAC technicians with phones either running iOS or Android operating systems can download Testo’s Smartphone App. Upon installing the application, they can connect the 410i to their smartphone via Bluetooth. Once they have connected the probe to their device, the instrument can send data to the program.

The app delivers some powerful capabilities. For example, in the instance where a user wishes to analyse volume readings, they can set parameters for outlets and duct cross sections. Mechanics can compare volume flows of different registers, allowing them to identify any discrepancies which may allude to a problem.

A testing, adjusting and balancing companion

Testing, adjusting and balancing (TAP) initiatives ensure that HVAC systems are optimised in establishing comfortable building environments, as noted by EBDG. Because the Testo 410i is easy to carry and compliments avid mobile device users, it is the perfect instrument for those who are dedicated to improving HVAC performance.

A significant component of TAP involves determining whether or not a system is operating in accordance to the building manager’s specifications. Air velocity information enlightens technicians to volume flow fluctuations, telling them where adjustments may need to be made. In addition to this, the Testo 410i can assist HVAC mechanics who are in charge of commissioning new systems.

The Testo 410i is one of eight smart probes HVAC professionals can add to their arsenals. Furthermore, these instruments can actually replace some of the more expensive alternatives. If you wish to know more about our line of smart probes, get in contact with the expert team at Testo New Zealand today!