Types of Smart Probes and Their Uses

Types of Smart Probes and Their Uses

There are many scenarios where accurate temperature, pressure and humidity data is vital. Whether optimising and maintaining HVAC systems, ensuring cold chains are operating efficiently or ensuring that industrial machinery is operating as it should, there are many instances where there is very little room for error when it comes to ensuring that you have accurate monitoring data.

Thankfully, with Testo's latest range of smart probes, capturing this crucial data is easier than ever before. Testo offers a range of different Smart Probes, and no matter what your requirements are, Testo NZ will have a solution for you.

Here are just some of the Smart Probes available from Testo NZ

Temperature Probes

As the name suggests, temperature probes are designed to monitor and record temperature data. Monitoring environmental temperature is extremely important in a range of scenarios. For example, overly warm or cold environments inhibit productivity in offices, while in cold chain and pharmaceutical industries, a lack of temperature control can be detrimental to the quality of their products. This data can be used to ensure that a space is being kept at a comfortable temperature for occupants or to flag when equipment is at risk of overheating.

Some of Testo's temperature probes include:

  • Testo 915i Air Thermometer with Air Probe and App: Ideal for measuring ambient temperature and temperatures in ducts or air outlets, the Testo 915i comes with a strong, fast-response air probe that allows you to tackle your temperature measurements with ease. Using Bluetooth, the Testo 915i connects automatically to your smartphone/tablet or compatible Testo measuring instrument.
  • Testo 915i Thermometer with Flexible Probe: With its flexible probe, the Testo 915i wireless thermometer will allow you to take your temperature readings faster, more readily, and more easily. The air temperature is measured using a flexible thermocouple wire allowing you to pass it through drill holes, spaces, or door seals.

Pressure Probes

Similar to temperature probes, pressure probes are designed to measure and record pressure data. This data can be used to monitor airflow in a space or to ensure that equipment is operating within safe pressure limits. Smart pressure probes are commonly used to measure the pressure systems within refrigeration systems, making them particularly useful in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Some of Testo's pressure probes include:

  • Testo 549i High-Pressure Meter Gen2 Smart Probe: The next generation pressure probe from Testo easily measures high and low pressures, with a measuring range of -1 to 6 bar. The pressure connection provides quick and easy installation, with a low refrigerant loss thanks to its hoseless design. Easily monitor your pressure data via a smartphone connected via Bluetooth through the Testo Smart Probe App.
  • Testo 552i App-Controlled Wireless Vacuum Probe: This app-controlled vacuum probe with Bluetooth offers wireless vacuum measurements via a single service port. It offers accurate measurement results and is durable and simple to use—the vacuum probe ensures optimal support for effective refrigeration and air conditioning system analysis.

Humidity Probes

Humidity probes are designed to measure and record humidity data. High levels of humidity can cause the growth of mould and affect the respiratory health of those who inhabit the space. Furthermore, in spaces such as museums, humidity levels can degrade irreplaceable artwork and artefacts. This data can be used to ensure that a space is being kept at a comfortable humidity level for occupants or to flag when equipment is at risk of condensation.

Some of Testo's humidity probes include:

  • Testo Digital Humidity/Temperature Probe with Bluetooth: this humidity/temperature probe (with the compatible measuring instrument) measures relative humidity and air temperature in storage, refrigeration, and workrooms, as well as ventilation ducts and refrigeration systems. Your measurements are made even more convenient by using Bluetooth to transmit the readings directly to your measuring instrument.
  • High-Precision Bluetooth Humidity/Temperature Probe: Use the high-precision humidity/temperature probe (with the compatible measuring instrument) to measure relative humidity and air temperature in cleanrooms, laboratories, and critical processes in the pharmaceutical, industrial, and food businesses, as well as storage, refrigerated spaces, workrooms or air conditioning/ ventilation ducts. The readings are immediately transferred to your measuring instrument via Bluetooth for making your measurements even more convenient.

Flow Probes

Flow probes are designed to measure and record airflow data. This data can be used to ensure that a space is being ventilated properly or to flag when equipment is at risk of overheating

Some of Testo's flow probes include:

  • Testo 410i Vane Anemometer: the compact Testo 410i vane anemometer with smartphone operation measures volume flow, air velocity, and temperature at air outlets rapidly and accurately thanks to precise measuring technology. The Testo Smart Probes App allows for readings to be viewed conveniently while also providing additional features.Testo 405i Thermal Anemometer
  • Testo 405i Thermal Anemometer: You can measure air velocities, temperatures, and volume flows with the Testo 405i. The readings are sent wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet using the Testo Smart Probes App. You may quickly access the data and utilise several innovative tools.

Why Choose a Smart Probe Over Traditional Probes?

There are two types of probes commonly used for measuring humidity, temperature, pressure, and airflow: smart probes and traditional analogue probes. Smart probes offer several advantages over analogue probes. First, smart probes are more accurate than analogue probes. This is because smart probes use digital sensors that are more precise than the analogue sensors used in traditional probes. This also eliminates inaccuracy caused by human error, resulting in quicker, more accurate measurement data. Secondly, smart probes are easier to use than analogue probes. This is because smart probes can be connected to a computer or smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to easily view and record data. With WiFi connectivity, Testo's range of probes is also able to upload all data to the cloud, allowing operators to easily retrieve data via any smart device wherever they are located. Finally, smart probes are more durable than analogue probes. This is because smart probes are less likely to break or be damaged, making them a better choice for long-term use.

If you're looking for a reliable and accurate way to measure indoor air quality in your business, Testo has a range of smart temperature probes on offer. Get in touch with the team at Testo New Zealand today to find the best solution for your needs – we’re always happy to help!