The Reasons high-temperature Calibrations is Vital in Industry

The Reasons high-temperature Calibrations is Vital in Industry

When it comes to the world of manufacturing, extreme conditions are commonplace and can make accurate temperature measurement seem like a daunting task. Even with that in mind, no matter the scenario, it does not mitigate how vital accurate and reliable temperature monitoring is for both production and safety.

Several industrial processes are key to fabricating many everyday products in the modern market. Some of these key processes require high temperatures on the production line. For example, the process required to refine petroleum requires crude oil to be heated to more than 400 degrees Celsius.

The aforementioned example is just one of many that show precisely why monitoring temperature measurement instruments are essential for maximum reliability. This is particularly crucial in heavy industry and manufacturing.

A very particular process

There is a precise distillation process to break down crude oil. Inside a distillation unit, the vapours and liquids separate into petroleum components known as fractions. They are defined by their boiling point and weight. Heavy fractions settle at the bottom while light fractions are on top. The light fractions are commonly referred to as gasoline and butane, while the medium-weight fractions (located in the middle of the distillation tower) include kerosene and diesel oil distillates. Finally, the heavier liquids are known as gas oils. These separate lower in the distillation tower while the heaviest factions (with the highest building point) settle at the bottom.

It should be apparent now that the process is fairly complex. It requires specific temperature differences to correspond to various boiling points. This is why accurate temperature checks are a necessity to produce high-quality products.

Any measurement instruments that are exposed to these processes need to be able to handle these extreme conditions every single day. Due to the extreme nature of these circumstances, even the highest-quality instruments can be compromised. This is why it is so important to frequently and expertly calibrate these instruments to ensure issues are alleviated before they become too difficult to manage.

The calibration and testing of these instruments need to be performed regularly to ensure that technicians can catch problems preemptively or shortly after they begin. This allows them to intervene before production or safety is compromised.

A service roster needs to be developed based on well-tested standards. The only way to establish these standards is to maintain a service cadence that is as robust as necessary. Maintenance can be seen as difficult to justify to some. The caveat to this is that when a piece of equipment becomes faulty, the downtown affects not only the operational costs but also worker activity. This can cause an operation to haemorrhage money waiting for a solution to what was a preventable problem.

It is vital to be able to reproduce results when measuring extreme temperatures in industrial and manufacturing environments. This is crucial to the accuracy of the product and safety of the process. If technicians are unable to accurately record data readings in controlled testing conditions as they do on the factory floor, there may well be a fundamental issue with the temperature monitoring solution itself.

It is paramount that what is being measured is the "true" value in every aspect of production. This enables technicians the ability to record accurate data, which provides greater insights into operations.

Why Testo's high-temperature Calibration Services are industry-leading

There is a reason why Testo is considered industry leaders in the calibration services sector. Testo offers state-of-the-art equipment that is capable of generating controlled temperatures from -20 to up to 650 degrees Celsius.

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