The importance of calibrating your gas analyser

The importance of calibrating your gas analyser

When it comes to gas analysis, accuracy is of utmost importance. Analysers like the Testo 350 and 340 excel in accuracy. But, as with all tools, their effectiveness and accuracy can degrade over time. This can be completely mitigated by implementing a regular tune-up. This is known as an annual calibration.

The importance of a decimal

Industrial facilities, such as power plants, place a heavy reliance on the optimal operability of burners and other machinery to ensure they stay operating as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, the spotlight has been focused on global warming, so operators are under public scrutiny to accurately measure and track their emissions. Failing to do so can result in an increase in operating costs or paying fines to cover compliance infractions.

Problems are most likely to arise when operators only use gas analysers a couple of times per year. It may appear that everything in order, but the limited use of the device means that there isn’t enough information captured over time to see if the device may be producing inaccurate readings. It is effectively risking a business’s entire reputation. This can all be avoided by sending devices in for a calibration. A variety of issues could occur at any point in time, even if it has been in its carrying case for storage. It is a huge risk to take for a simple calibration.

Doing the job the right way

Think of a calibration to be like brining your car in for an engine test. It should be quick and simple. Testo’s calibration service uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your Testo 340 or 350 gas analyser can do the following:

  • Comparison of readings between your device and reference tool under common workplace circumstances.
  • Documentation of any variations in measurements and degree of uncertainty.
  • Adjust the analyser to meet industry standard specifications, or unique requirements.
  • Provide certificate of calibration, log tool information on file to send yearly email reminders for when it needs servicing.

The Testo 350 relies on manual calibration to maintain its accuracy. Testo’s calibration service is performed by highly trained experts ready to answer any questions you may have. Gas analysers are returned within five business days. Avoid any setbacks and let Testo calibrate your devices today

Don’t let your organisations performance, reputation or revenue be at risk of inaccurate gas analysers. Contact us today to find out what Testo’s calibration services can do for you.