The Best Way To Capture Accurate Humidity Data

The Best Way To Capture Accurate Humidity Data

There are many places around the world where humidity is an issue throughout most of the year. With New Zealand’s famous “four seasons in a day” weather system, we are no exception in seeing serious levels of water vapour. This can cause real problems in a diverse range of industries.

Whether in relation to food production or healthcare, excess humidity can result in spoiled products, damage to equipment and even health issues.

This is why accurate humidity measuring instruments are crucial in providing technicians with the data they need. 

Capable humidity measuring instruments

Taking accurate humidity recordings is a critical task in maintaining healthy environments. But what instruments are available to tackle the task?

Testo has a range of devices that are capable of accurate humidity recording.

Testo 174H

This incredibly small unit is an ideal device for people wanting to save space. Don’t be fooled by the Testo 174H’s size, it still has the ability to accurately monitor temperature and humidity. Using it is as simple as pressing the large button on the front and the unit will begin to log data for up to an entire year.

A bracket makes it simple to attach the unit to a wall, and the software included makes managing the information easy after it has been lodged.

Testo 174H Set

A two-channel temperature and humidity logger, the Testo 174H set is also highly affordable. This makes an excellent solution for use in multiple rooms within a building.

Like the 174H, the 174H set has a wall bracket for easy installation and a USB interface for programming and reading the information.

A wireless offering

It is often not possible to easily access humidity data on location. The solution? A wireless humidity logging and monitoring system. An example of this is Testo’s robust Saveris-2. It is cloud based, so any data gathered is logged on an online server which is able to be accessed and downloaded to a computer or smart device.

This wireless functionality means that it is able to send alerts to various devices and personal if humidity levels exceed levels that are considered safe or acceptable.

Humidity: The right instruments for a diverse range of applications

Managing humidity requires more than just measurement. Whether in the aforementioned food or healthcare sectors, hydrometers, material moisture meters, humidity data loggers and climate meters can all prove essential tools.

Get in touch with Testo New Zealand today if you’re interested in learning more about our range of high quality, accurate, reliable and rugged humidity instruments.