How to breathe easier with indoor air monitoring instruments

How to breathe easier with indoor air monitoring instruments

The value of indoor air quality (IAQ) cannot be overstated. Testo knows the condition of the air in your facilities is probably not something that you want to think about on a daily basis. Even though air pollution is silent, it can still negatively impact your staff's health and the quality of your products. A precise and reliable indoor air quality monitor helps you be aware of indoor temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration levels.

The importance of good indoor air quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a complex problem that not only affects products, experiments, tests, and other indoor operations but also might endanger workers and personnel who work in those settings.

Pollutants are harmful to health

Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, other noxious gases, VOCs, and particulate matter are all examples of indoor air pollutants. These are all things that may have a detrimental influence on the health of workers who work in your facility. Testo’s IAQ monitors can continuously keep track of these levels and provide documentation on results. For example, CO2 concentrations should not go past 1,000 parts per million (ppm). The CO2 sensors on the monitor are able to detect the ppm of any particular indoor setting and provide complete readings to warn about any potentially high levels of CO2 concentration in the air.

Exhaustion and a lack of motivation are two of the most common symptoms of poor IAQ. It can also induce potentially deadly illnesses such as lung diseases and heart disease complications. Ducts and ventilation systems are used to aerate indoor areas, but they must be maintained on a regular basis for them to function properly. Testo's IAQ monitors can detect any issues, making air monitoring quick and simple.

Good air quality will improve breathing

Indoor air quality testing in offices, workshops, classrooms and public gathering places may have an effect on the breathing of employees or visitors. A definition of indoor air by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) says indoor air is any air in a “building occupied for at least one hour by people of varying states of health.” Indoor air pollution is a significant concern for those who spend their days in an office or other indoor environment.

Because of this definition, many professionals in a variety of sectors have a duty to be on the lookout for poor air quality in their places of business. Over time, poor air quality will have an impact on your lungs and breathing. It goes both ways. Maintaining a specific level of air in working environments, even if it isn't absolutely essential for the purpose of the work being done, minimises health hazards to workers, students, and customers.

How an indoor air quality monitor can help

An IAQ monitoring system will change the way you test and record the quality of the breathing air in a building. Testo’s equipment can analyse and document IAQ and comfort level parameters with its high-quality measuring technology, intuitive measurement assistants and forward-thinking documentation strategies. Here is a list of a few of the important analysis insights offered by Testo's IAQ monitors:

  • CO2
  • HVAC and air conditioning grid measurement
  • Differential pressure
  • Relative humidity
  • Air temperature
  • Turbulence

All of these variables can be measured separately, but Testo's precise and user-friendly solutions allow for their measurement to take place simultaneously. This makes it easier than ever to avoid poor indoor air quality. What is even better, the Testo 400 IAQ and comfort kit with a tripod offers the ability for further analysis to occur, thanks to the Testo DataControl measurement data management and analysis software. These monitoring devices allow you to not only easily keep track of air quality on a particular site over time, but also to track the outcomes on site. Because of the accuracy of Testo’s monitoring systems, you will be able to easily fix a faulty HVAC apparatus or allow for additional ventilation to occur.

Testo’s indoor air quality monitors

There are several different types of IAQ monitors available from Testo, each tailored to a different situation. Testo offers a monitoring system that is suited to your demands, depending on your specific needs. The following are a few of Testo’s indoor air quality monitors, though the range offers flexibility to suit the right application, right indoor environment.

The Testo 400 – Universal IAQ instrument offers intuitive measurement programs that do the work for you. This tool is ideal for those with unique and important differentiation between sites. This is because each sensor is location-independent. Other features include integrated differential pressure sensors and the ability to measure all IAQ-related parameters. Another valuable inclusion with this tool is its capability to document measuring values directly relating to a unique location. Additionally, the technology allows for the system to send air quality data by e-mail to specified recipients.

The Testo 160 IAQ with display and integrated sensors would be best suited for those who are looking for a wide range of air quality data to be measured and recorded. CO2 concentration, humidity, air temperature, and turbulence in workplaces are just a few of the accurate data collected by the testo 160 IAQ. Long-term monitoring is also simple. You can also determine the standard-compliant quality comfort level of the indoor air. As always, the tool’s measurement programs are smart and intuitive. All measurement data are stored by the data logger directly into the Testo cloud, which allows you to also document and analyse data over a longer period of time. If limit values are exceeded, you will be notified via email or text thanks to the alarm function.

The Testo 440 CO Kit with Bluetooth® is similar to the previously mentioned product. However, what does differentiate it is that it comes with the incredible Testo 440 air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument. Easily record two important indicators of IAQ with the tool’s temperature and humidity sensor. You will also be able to stay on top of CO2 concentration with the CO2 probe with Bluetooth®. The kit also includes a convenient USB port for sharing and distributing the gathered data.

Find the ideal IAQ measuring instrument and be confident that your indoor air quality will be constantly monitored. Testo provides the most efficient, precise monitors available to industry professionals who need dependable and innovative equipment to find airborne contaminants. Get in contact with Testo NZ today to find out more about our range of indoor air quality monitoring solutions.