Emissions Monitoring and Safeguarding Air Quality for Future Generations

Emissions Monitoring and Safeguarding Air Quality for Future Generations

Like New Zealand, Australia is a country that prides itself on its environmental conservation and clean green image. With such an outdoor-centric culture facing the issue of climate change and pollution, it has never been more important to regulate, manage and control gas emissions across all industries. As we move forward in our efforts to reduce environmental impact through better processes and practices, Testo offers the necessary equipment and tools to assist in monitoring and tracking emissions.

Here is what Testo Australia has to say about emissions monitoring and its role in building a cleaner Australia:

“When future generations of Australians step outside their front door, don't we want them to breathe the same clean air that we enjoy now? The outdoors is core to the Aussie way of life, and only by improving how we monitor gas emissions can we reduce the air pollution on a wider scale. This way, we can keep our nation clean and green for years to come.

The Environmental Monitoring Sector

There are numerous state and federal government resources to help businesses lower their rate of emissions and better track the effect their operations can have on the environment. But this isn't enough. A more robust strategy for curtailing Australia's greenhouse gas production makes the environmental monitoring sector such a vital component to the nation's future.

Key businesses nationwide are responsible for tracking the greenhouse gas and other emissions from major industrial, agricultural and commercial outlets. Environmental monitoring business Ektimo is one such organisation.

CEO Matthew Heskin is proud of what his team are achieving in supporting cleaner environmental practices. ''It isn't glamorous work, but it is important. If we weren't around to ensure businesses follow EPA [Environmental Protection Authority] regulations, honesty in how these sectors work could be completely compromised."

For environmental monitoring businesses such as Ektimo to truly succeed, however, more needs to be done to get quality emissions monitoring tools into the hands of skilled agents.

Testo's 340 Flue Gas Analyser and 350 Exhaust Gas Analysis Box

The Testo 340 Flue Gas Analyser and 350 gas analysis system control unit are specifically designed to optimise emissions monitoring performance and streamline field practices.

The 340 Flue Gas Analyser is an intuitive instrument that can be fitted with up to four different gas sensors, meaning agents can monitor for multiple parameters at once. It's used primarily for heavy industrial items such as burners, industrial engines and gas turbines. The Testo 340 boasts operational features such as:

Unlimited measurement ability, even at high gas concentration levels.
An automatic sensor protection range extension.
Easy compatibility and integration with a smartphone app. This makes instant access to data even easier than ever.

Testo's 350 Analysis Box, meanwhile, is optimised for even the most rugged of applications while still delivering precise data measurements. This device is pairable with the 350 gas analysis system Control Unit, making it easier to control emission measurements.”

If emissions monitoring and the tools Testo provides in this sector is an area you would like to find out more about, please get in contact with our knowledgeable team for advice and assistance.