Digital Vs. Analogue Manifolds - which is the Future, and Why?

Digital Vs. Analogue Manifolds - which is the Future, and Why?

Good refrigeration, air conditioning or heating technicians have an incredibly narrow margin for error. Therefore when it comes to refrigeration manifolds, why wouldn't you want your equipment to be the most innovative and efficient on the market? Testo's refrigerant manifolds are more than meets the eye. A high-quality digital refrigerant manifold system is an investment that will pay for itself in terms of operational value over time.

The importance of monitoring temperature and pressure in refrigeration systems

Digital refrigerant manifolds are the way of the future and are essential in making sure that your industrial, domestic and commercial refrigeration systems are operating efficiently. A crucial step in this process is monitoring temperature. For example, refrigerant equipment in food processing facilities and laboratories must maintain a strict temperature to control and preserve quality.

Refrigeration systems' capacity to maintain constant and regulated temperatures is critical in the production and storage of high-quality food. Analogue manifolds can’t monitor temperature – technicians are required to carry separate instruments and then calculate superheat and subcooling temperatures manually using PT charts. In addition to this, pressure measurement with an analogue manifold relies on one’s ability to minimise “parallax” error. Furthermore, the resolution of an analogue manifold cannot be compared to that of a digital manifold. This is because analogue manifolds are regarded to be less accurate than digital manifolds.

Pressure monitoring allows service technicians to monitor the whole system's health and performance. This includes the compressors and other components, as well as potential leaks that might develop into more serious costly problems if they aren't fixed promptly.

A digital manifold is an all-in-one instrument. It has the ability to measure both temperature and pressure while also being capable of working on systems with varying refrigerants. In contrast to this, with analogue manifolds, technicians are required to carry multiple units.

By keeping refrigeration systems at prescribed operating temperatures and pressures and thereby the system operating optimally, perishables will be kept in good condition. This not only applies to food products but also medical or vaccine preservation technology.

So what are the consequences of food/product not being stored properly? The item can spoil and be unable to go to market, essentially throwing away resources and money.

On the other hand, there are many benefits for food/products, medicines, vaccines, etc. that are stored in systems working at optimal temperatures and temperatures throughout the pre-market process. These benefits include the maintenance of freshness, the prevention of denaturing of proteins, and the rotting of products. In addition to this, the shelf life of properly stored products will increase.

The convenience of a digital refrigerant manifold

When it comes to accuracy and ease of use, a digital refrigerant manifold is crucial. Because the system's temperature and pressure are being constantly measured, it will operate at maximum efficiency.

A digital manifold, unlike a conventional analogue manifold, performs continuous updates to the refrigerants. Instead of manually assessing and calculating system variables, Testo's manifolds execute electronic computations and apply an automated calculation that is far more efficient.

Analogue gauges are time-consuming, complex, susceptible to error, and inaccurate. The number of refrigerants it can measure is dependent on the gauge. Testo has digital manifolds that measure up to 60 different refrigerants. The digital manifold may likewise be quickly updated to accommodate new refrigerants as they are introduced to the global market.

While there are several different choices for a new digital refrigerant manifold, Testo offers far superior options. This is because Testo research and development leads the way in innovation and technology of the marketplace, and these innovations are later imitated by our competitors.

With impeccable accuracy and precision, Testo’s digital refrigerant manifolds are reliable and efficient. When you invest in a refrigerant system, it will save money on labour, maintenance, and ensure the long-term viability of your equipment while also increasing efficiency and allowing data analysis and reporting in simple steps.

Experiencing the large graphic display alone is enough for most technicians to understand why Testo manifolds are the preferred choice. Having a sturdy manifold, from the technology to the housing, is critical. Operators can keep the same product for longer because of how robust it is. Testo manifolds’ system software is also streamlined with unmatched interoperability and compatible with numerous other instruments. Testo manifolds' vast operational flexibility sets them apart from the competition.

The Testo digital manifold is a great choice for anybody looking for an entry-level manifold, from novice to expert commissioning engineer. This basic model still offers everything you will need, from the calculation of condensation and evaporation temperatures in real-time to temperature-compensated leakage testing.

The Testo 570 digital manifolds, on the other hand, are ideal for large-scale professional needs. This is a 4-way manifold that captures and keeps pressure/temperature readings, as well as a vacuum measurement, and continuous recording of data for up to 999 hours.

For more information on Testo NZ's range of digital manifolds, get in contact with our expert team today!