Testo’s Role in Reducing Global Climate Change’s Effect on the Refrigeration Industry

Testo’s Role in Reducing Global Climate Change’s Effect on the Refrigeration Industry

In the years to come, global climate change’s impact on the world is predicted to substantially increase. As a result, there are many industries that will need to change and adapt as weather extremes become even more commonplace in everyday life. Detailed recently by Testo Australia, one of the most heavily affected sector will be the refrigeration industry. Businesses in this area are likely to be required to adapt their processes and step-up how they work on a daily basis. One of the most important factors that will need to be thought about is the tools that are used in monitoring and guaranteeing proper operation - this is where Testo comes in. Here’s what Testo Australia had to say about how Testo can solve the challenges facing the refrigeration industry:

“An Australian National University study warns that Melbourne and Sydney, alongside other urban centres, could face 50 degree Celsius days in coming years due to global climate change. Lead researcher Dr Sophie Lewis went further to claim recent records for highest temperatures worldwide could become global averages by as soon as 2025.

While temperature spikes will have far-reaching consequences for Australians from all walks of life, no industry will be more affected than the commercial and industrial refrigeration sector. Businesses that rely on cold storage and refrigeration technicians will face significant challenges in monitoring equipment to ensure functionality and safer, compliant conditions.

Why monitoring refrigeration equipment is vital

There are numerous parameters used for measuring refrigeration equipment, including:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure leaks
  • Humidity levels

Each of these metrics provides unique insight into the functionality of a cold storage device. Ensuring equipment is working to specification and preserving adequate conditions for the stored items is vital to reducing the risk of compromised goods.

For example, the food and pharmaceutical industry are closely monitored by Australian institutions such as Food Standards Australia and the Therapeutic Goods Association. If goods become compromised in transport or storage due to refrigeration equipment failure, this can cost businesses thousands of dollars in wasted time and stock. Monitoring refrigeration devices with high-quality digital instruments is therefore vitally important.

The Testo 557 Digital Refrigeration Gauge

The Testo 557 manifold fulfils numerous functions required for monitoring refrigeration systems in one compact solution. For example, it can perform:

  • Subcooling calculations
  • Vacuum measurements
  • Temperature-compensated leakage tests

Dual pressure sensors make calculating this data simpler than ever before, indicating the vital place that digital monitoring devices have in ensuring refrigeration monitoring equipment is compliant when faced with the challenges of the future.

With 60 built-in refrigerants, Testo's 557 Digital Refrigeration Gauge offers the most widely-applicable instrument possible for performing day-to-day refrigeration monitoring. Refrigerant data can also be updated via the smartphone app to suit your requirements.

Facing future challenges with Testo

There is currently a total worldwide cold storage capacity of 616 million cubic metres according to the Global Cold Chain Alliance, a figure only set to grow as the climate continues to change. This makes keeping track of equipment functionality vital to industry progress.

High quality refrigeration devices monitoring is easier and more reliable with Testo's 557 Digital Refrigeration Gauge – contact the team today for more information about the device.