A Doctor's Reliance on Saveris 2

A Doctor's Reliance on Saveris 2

Have you ever noticed how much smarter hospitals have become over the years? Most hospitals have always included some of the world's most brilliant people, but now the technology these individuals employ is beginning to match their level. Let's look at some of these technologies as well as the devices that enable them.

What are some prominent technological advancements?

We’ve seen some truly amazing medical technology advancements in the last few years, allowing us to receive better health care than we ever have. Everything from electronic health records that allow physicians to keep track of patient conditions to surgical robots that assist with delicate, invasive operations are revolutionising the medical industry.

However, we must give a strong complement to wearable technology that is assisting people to keep track of their health and collecting data that is essential for proactive care. If users notice any issue with something that should not be missed, such as their heart rate, physicians may detect it early and take the appropriate next actions.

Testo's addition to medical advances 

Of course, these accomplishments are meaningless if they don't have the necessary resources to make them happen. What's the use of finding out that a child requires a new heart when you can't receive one in time?

This is when Testo's Saveris 2 refrigerator temperature monitoring comes into play. When an organ such as a heart is taken from a donor for use in another person, it has only a limited duration before becoming unusable – usually less than six hours. It's necessary to carefully follow the proper storage methods for optimum longevity.

This is why transportation for the medical sector is so frightening. You may be making good time, but if you pull up to an emergency room and find out that the heart was stored at an incorrect temperature for the entire trip, you could lose a life. As a result, it's critical to keep a close eye on the storage temperature of an organ and other temperature-sensitive medications, as well.

The Saveris 2 temperature and data logging systems are ideal for this. Now even physicians and couriers can keep track of the heart's temperature, allowing them to see whether there is a problem even when they aren't together - vital information may be sent to a portable device immediately. This measurement might make all the difference in terms of life or death.

These days, doctors are checking a whole lot more than their patients' temperatures, therefore they need the most up-to-date medical equipment to save lives. If you have any questions or want to learn more about Testo's products, get in contact with the team at Testo NZ today.