7 surprising applications for thermal imaging

7 surprising applications for thermal imaging

Thermal imaging is in the public consciousness due to movies and television. Whether used in a crime drama, how the "Predator" hunts his prey, or as part of counter-terrorism measures - its science fiction, action, and adventure uses know no bounds! However, its real-world applications are even broader, and some of its uses might even surprise you.

  1. Animal Welfare checks

Unfortunately, pets are incapable of telling us how they are feeling. Luckily, many of their ailments can be detected via infrared imaging. Infrared technology is capable of detecting things such as inflammation, fevers and infections. It's a highly useful and non-invasive tool when diagnosing joint issues as well as the inflammation of these areas is more easily seen with infrared. The hot spots assist veterinarians with pinpointing places to focus on when a diagnosis is needed.

  1. House inspection and leak protection

For most people, owning a home will be a milestone in their lives. It's your own space to put together, maintain, and personalise to your heart's content. But some things can prove tricky. For instance, it is not always obvious where things that need attention occur. Things such as leaks, whether with the plumbing, heating or AC, can be challenging to find exactly where they originate from. Many plumbers now use infrared imaging to detect the base of the leak or indicators of potential leaks. This helps to prove and ensure insurance claims are paid out, as it is used to properly identify and diagnose these potential problems, both before they start and when a crisis occurs.

  1. Automotive

Every year that goes by, cars become smarter. From their rear-view cameras, updatable firmware, or even set-driving technology, the technology of the future is in our vehicles today. One such future technology is infrared imaging and what it can do for the modern automobile. Even though a cars diagnostics system can tell you part of a prognosis, an infrared cameraman tells you the rest. This is particularly true when dealing with mechanical issues like overheating or leaks.

  1. Cancer detection and other health benefits

Thermal imaging is being used more frequently in modern medicine to detect things like deep vein thrombosis, circularity disorders and infections. There are even thermal imagers with fever detection functionality that have been used as a preventative measure for the Coronavirus outbreak.

In addition to this, it has also been known to help doctors spot the presence of breast cancer. Even though this use of this technology is in its early stages, it is sure to evolve as a technology and has the potential to be the diagnosis tool of the future.

  1. Chilled wine

This one is a great conversation starter at parties. Because infrared detects a lack of heat, pulling out a thermal imager to make sure that the bubbly is at the perfect drinking temperature is a great party trick.

  1. Birdwatching

The art of birding can be highly time-consuming. It can also potentially have no payoff. In the case of traditional birdwatching, the observation of wildlife is highly dependant on very specific environmental factors. By using infrared, those factors— such as the right time of day or the volume of bird song — can be aided by detecting the birds' heat signatures as they roost.

  1. Finding your way safely at night

Infrared imaging can help see what emits heat even when the sun is down. So, if you are coming back to a campsite after using the restroom in the middle of the night, all you need to do is flip on the infrared and scan until you find heat signatures coming from your camp. It can also help in finding lost campers, as well as any pesky wildlife.

Thermal imaging can be very useful across a variety of industries. If you need more information on our range of thermal imaging products, and what they can do for your workplace, contact the Testo team today.